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World Events, Global Perspectives, and Cosmic Repercussions In Accordance With God's Word and End Times Prophecy.

He will honor a god of fortresses. A god his fathers did not know. - Daniel 11:38

Investigative Christian Journalist - Synthia Esther Reports:

Networking the Electric Global Grid

We have entered a world of alternative views and international implications.  As a Christian investigative journalist, I do not take present world events casually.  God's word tells us to look, watch, and listen, so that we will not be deceived (2 Thess. 2:3).   

We are now living in a world of total domination.  These are not just my views, according to witness reports, there are now thousands, upon thousands, reporting they are being tortured, gang stalked, and harassed by technologies beyond the pale.  Turning a death ear and blind eye to these reports is frightening.  I personally know and have knowledge that these "targeted individuals" (TI's), are providing living testimony and witness in accordance with endtime prophecy.

About Techchronicity

"Techchronicity"  is a word I coined to best describe the convoluted, twisted, intricately controlled networking matrix grid that manipulates both humanity and the earths infastructure.  Weather modification, human torture (Direct Energy Weapons), Voice To Skull (V2k) - telepathic communication systems via the electronic grid have been made possible.  The synchronization possibilities, are mind boggling.  

Silent Weapons for quiet wars against humanity and all life on earth, is a present day 'electronic harassment' reality, in an end times drama.  The final act in this drama, is left up to humanity to decide.  Born again believers take refuge in God's power.  He alone is our source and strength, a great help in a time of need (Psalm 46:1).

Geoengineering - Nanotechnology - Mind Control

There is a vast amount of research that proves true, and is in direct correlation and support of the witness accounts by those targeted in this Third World Quiet War.  These "Targeted Individuals" (TI's) have endured the book of Revelations beast of a control system. They are the awakened ones, who have knowledge of the global slavery network the human race has been subjected to.  

Our world has been manifested with the works of evil men, with evil intentions.  Truth be known, we are all "Targeted Individuals", in a world filled with electronic surveillance, enabling vast manipulation.  Mind Control - Body Control - World Grid Control.  Unless we wake-up to the reality of this beast of a technological control system, our future looks bleak.  The first step in solving any problem, is first realizing that there is one.  

Synthia Esther, Investigative Journalist Reports:

Technology Addiction, Lust For Power

Technology has offered the world a great many modern conveniences.  However, in the wake of the 21st Century, the advance of the technological revolution has become an entity unto itself.  Few realize the scope, impact, and implications the information technology (IT) sector has produced, supported, and enabled.

Many people world wide have become addicted to technology.  As with any addiction, the lust for power, and craving for more, increases exponentially.  This exponential growth swing in favor of technology, has helped to produce and enable, a blind mind set and acceptance of all technology has to offer.  Never realizing the danger that lurks behind the veil of technologies grasp.  

Sociological Science - Technology Evolution

Addiction to technology has produced a changed society.  Patterns of culture, social relationships and interaction, have endured a negative, detached, social complex, due to technological evolution.  The lack of trust among the masses is but one sad implication.  The dark web has become even darker. Honest law enforcement strives to hinder such dangerous crime, and protect the innocent. 

Sociological science deals with empirical investigation and critical analysis.  Long before this technological revolution, the impact upon society and the world at large was studied.  Decisions were made by those in power, to enable, back, and produce, a technological control system, that few know even exists. Humanity took the tech bait, and is in love, lust mode for more (5g is just the beginning of this high tech temptation bait), of that which ultimately enslaves them.  

The End Times Great Deception

God said in the end times to let no one deceive you (2 Thess. 2:3).  Yet most of the world is now being deceived.  God said in the end times people would not listen to, or endure sound doctrine.  They would rather gather around  teachers who support their desires.  They will turn away from the truth, and turn aside to myths (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

One present day myth is that technology is a friend upon which we can depend.  Left in the hands of a powerful few, the advance of this technological revolution, has the ability to both enslave, and kill.  Unless the world wakes up to this great deception,  we, and our future generations, will suffer great wrath and sorrow.  Just as God foretold in the book of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation.