Techchronicity - The Synchronization of Electronic Earth

By Synthia Esther

Techchronicity - The Synchronization Of Electronic Earth


By Synthia Esther 

September 8, 2018
 Welcome to the evolution of planet earth made possible by man's creation of a technological revolution.  Brilliant minds are a gift from God.  What some have done with their God given,  intelligence gifts, is oftentimes horrifying.  Left unchecked, many such gifted scientists develop what I call, an evil god complex.  Stewart Brand is quoted in Whole Earth Catalog, 1969, as stating: “We are as gods and might as well get good at it”. 

 Without a doubt, Jose Delgado, is at the top of the list of “evil god-complex” scientists.  Delgado was into mind controlling all life on earth.  He began by first experimenting with primates minds back in the 1950's and 1960's.  He even risked his life in a bull ring, to prove his works worth.  He implanted the bull's mind with an electrode stimciever, and got into a ring with the bull charging.  He then flipped a switch on his remote control “stimociever” device, which halted the bull in his tracks.  Amazing to watch on video.  Even more amazing to realize the capabilities of his life's work.  He believed one day in the future, humans could be controlled in the same manner, and even experimented on 25 human subjects, with some success (Wikipedia – Sept. 3, 2018). 

 Another very brilliant scientist was occultist, Jack Parsons.  He was a rocket scientist, and a friend to the drug craving occultist,  Aleister Crowley.   Another one of Parsons friends was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the religion, Scientology.  Hubbard and Parsons worked together on a sex ritual based on Enochian magick to summon the Thelemic goddess Babalon.  Parsons is considered one of the most important figures in the United States space program.  He developed the first rocket engine to use a castable, composite rocket propellant, and pioneered the advancement of both liquid-fuel and solid-fuel rockets.  He died in his home laboratory while working on explosives, after an explosion occurred.  Despite this accident, suspicious questions remain concerning his death (Wikipedia – Sept. 3, 2018). 

 Both Delgado and Parsons were gifted.  Yet their intelligence was ruled through a great part of their life, by a dark side.  Delgado wrote the controversial book, Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho civilized Society (Harper and Row).  Parson's was into projecting into the astral realm. His occult rituals were also a form of control, via spirit contact with the demonic.  His artistic girl friend, Marjorie Cameron, even painted a picture portraying Parson's as the Angel of Death.    
 Fast forward into the 21st Century, where we now have a continuation of Delgado's mind controlling work, and the fulfillment of his dreams.  Mankind can (and many have), been controlled by remote means, as thousands upon thousands of Targeted Individuals (TI's) now claim and report.  Delgado's past work (and many others such as Oliver Lowery's – Silent Sound Spread Spectrum also refereed to as  SSSS or Squad,  Patrick Flanagan's - Neurophone, Michael Persinger's – God helmet research, Dr. Ross Adey - Biological effects of weak microwaves) confirms, this is indeed possible.    

I would be remiss not to mention thought reform work done  by psychiatrist and cult/brainwashing  expert, Robert Jay Lifton, who confirms  a modern era U.S.A "Superpower Syndrome" has ensued.   Lifton described  the Aum Shinrikyo Japanese dooms day apocalyptic terrorist cult, (Tokyo subway sarin attack),  being a forerunner of a new type of "global terrorism".  Such sentiments have served vast defense measures taken by most all major super power countries, in order to reduce vulnerability.  Now it is 'we' who are most vulnerable, as weapons warfare has extended to included all humanity. 

How TI's (and all life on earth) are being monitored and controlled, also goes back to some of Jack Parson's work and his contributions to the space industry.  As satellites have been launched into space, for quite some time.  The Soviets were the first to launch the satellite Spuitnik 1 into space, on October 4, 1957.  These satellites have vast capabilities.  Also connecting the grid of planet earth, are cell towers, and mono towers, and HAARP (reference the book: Angels Don't Play This HAARP – Advances in Tesla Technology by Jeane Manning and Nick Begich).   
 Geoengineering, chemtrails, in our cherished sky play a large part in the dominance of life on planet earth.  Elana Freeland writes in her book, “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” (Feral House), “Secrecy always accompanies cutting-edge technologies yoked to war” (pg. 11).  She elaborates on navigating the national security state, and details the deconstructing of Eastlund's 1987 HAARP patent.  This is an excellent book for beginning researchers concerning the Geoengineering topic.  What they are spraying into our sky's we intake into our lungs.  They are literally seeding us with harmful chemicals,  electrifying our atmosphere.    
 “Ever so quietly, the science of waging war has been transformed by the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).  The 'battlespace' is everywhere, foreign and domestic, and the IT//Bio/Bot weapons of choice require an ionized (electrified) atmosphere.  Wars over natural resources are being replaced by wars over 'societal disruptions' as the line between civilian and soldier is erased.  Direct energy weapons (Dew's) promise 'warfare on the cheap' (steerable avoidance of collateral damage), survivability (“Can see everything, anything you can see you can kill'), and effectiveness ('Lethality of precision and volumetric weaponry)”  - (Pg. 10-11).
 The 'Worldwide IT Revolution' is synonymous with a C4 (command, control, communications, computers) weapons system.  Thanks to 'superb worldwide sensor suites and precision strike capabilities', it's 'tele-everything'.  Communications, computing, and sensors are silicon, molecular, quantum, bio, and optical, soon to move humans into AIs and 'Automobiles / Robotics 'in the large', immersive multisensory VR (virtual reality 'holodecks'), and multiphysics hyperspectrum sensors in land, sea, air, and space.  By circa 2025, robotics will be the norm, with binary bios in the agriculture and food distributions systems, with nansensors, munitions, and swarm/horde weapons keeping a brave new virtual world peace tracked to a wireless Smart Grid 'Cloud'” - (pg. 11).    

 Our witness, testimony, and voice is all we have in defense of these crimes.  God will bless those who wake-up, sound the alarm, and pass the word,  that invasion of the minds of men is a crime!  History seems to repeat itself, as slavery is once again, due to greed, being committed.  And God said, “...Let my people go, so they can worship me” - (Ex. 9:1).  God will not be mocked (Gal. 6:7).    

 I am reminded of the relentless actions and means Wilbur Wilberforce used in order to free many African people from the savage slavery business.  Because of his relentless advocacy, he was successful in his cause.  The slave ships and their crews were put out of business because of his sincerity and advocacy efforts.  No doubt in my mind, that God was with him in the process.  “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again you did not know” - stated Wilberforce.    I recently viewed an artist rendering of a ship, and commented it was very good art work.  The African American women next to me stated it was ugly for it reminded her of the horrifying slave ship business, the torture and persecution.  I stated the opposite resolve, and mentioned English politician, Wilbur Wilberforce's Abolition of the Slave trade movement.  He vehemently fought against the slave ships and perpetrators of such human injustice.  “Because of Wilberforce's advocacy, I see a ship to catch fish, not men”, I further commented. 

 She said she had never heard of Wilbur Wilberforce.  Her statement shocked me, yet I kindly told her, because of Wilberforce, a Christian white man dedicated to freeing African slaves, slavery ceased to be.  The slave ship picture reminds me of God's saving grace, mercy, and love.  Wilberforce, was a force for good, and his life's story is important to remember.  He educated the masses in his day, in voice, deed, and action.  His voice was a voice to be reckoned with.  His actions a great example of amazing grace, and faith in God, shown to us all.    

 The slavery business was rooted in financial gains.  As is most oftentimes true,  perpetrators of such crimes against humanity are usually lovers of money.  Which is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Tim. 6:10).  In his ebook, Chemtrails Exposed, Peter Kirby weighs in on Chemtrails and their financial links:
 “The spraying itself is carried out by the US military...   The orders mostly come from Wall Street.  The military man or men in charge of the operation take orders from an intelligence agency.  The people giving orders from the intelligence agency's headquarters are taking orders from Wall Street.  To make a buck, energy companies, insurance companies, big banks and other catastrophe reinsurance and weather derivatives market players direct the military in their chemtrail spraying activities.  Ultimately, the taxpayer pays for it all through bailouts.  Geoengineers [like David Keith of Carbon Engineering and Ken Caldeira of Intellectual Ventures] serve as consultants to both intelligence agencies and the military.” - As quoted by * Elana Freeland, (pg. 175).
 To sit back and remain silent and in denial about the evil plans we see occurring all around us, is a crime in and of itself.  The World's future generations will suffer due to our laxed, nonchalant, care less  attitudes.  Like Wilberforce, we must contend for what is right, because its the right thing to do!  In the spirit of, and Dane Wigington, we must first educate ourselves, then use our voice in order to educate the masses.  Who are most oftentimes asleep and in a trance due to their technology addictions.     

 Wigington wrote on Sept. 1, 2018, a Global News Alert, stating, “The changes unfolding on our planet are profound and many. How much longer can the epidemic of normalcy be maintained?  When the facade of the current paradigm can no longer be sustained the forced awakening of the masses will commence....”.   

Targeted Individuals by the thousands have had to face a forced awakening process, alone.  Many are now uniting in voice to sound the alarm, that “this is wrong!” - (as quoted  from Targeted Individual, Gloria Naylor , in her book, “1996”.)
 In 1818, Wilberforce wrote in his diary, “In the scripture, no national crime is condemned so frequently and few so strongly as oppression and cruelty, and the not using our best endeavors to deliver our fellow-creatures from them” -  ( – retrieved on Sept. 4, 2018).  Our World and its people are on a fast track towards destruction.  Our health and minds afflicted (Chemtrails, Morgellons – fibers we breathe and eat), our weather manipulated (HAARP), and our food infected (Monsanto).  The silence of complicity can be no more, for tomorrow may be too late.   
 Techronicity:  The technological ability to trigger a remote, covert, overt, and/or subliminal, mind/body physical response,  by and through the use of advanced stealth technologies, nanotechnology, bio-chips, and other psychotronic weaponry, and machinery.  Backed and coupled within a man made space fortress, comprising a global networking satellite grid, surrounding and encompassing planet earth.  The synchronization and control of all living life, the weather, planetary resources, and global technologies, is thus made possible.    




ELANA FREELAND - Author of the book (which I own, have read many times, and quoted), Chemtrails, Haarp, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, also reveals many facts about the harm of the geoengineering technology program.  While Freeland often uses the word "Chemtrails", Dane Wigington has advised not to.  Wigington has basically confirmed that in the scientific review world, the intelligent word to use in talking and  writing about this subject matter (in order to be taken seriously)  is "geoengineering",  not chemtrails.   It seems the word "chemtrails" carries across a more conspiratorial tone.

Despite that fact, Freeland's work and research is very informative.  As a human rights activist she has written several other books.  She is well read, and attributes in part,  her excellent research capabilities to having been trained as a *Rudolf Steiner student, also having been a school pioneer and teacher.  *  "Waldroff School Education".


I often write about New Age and Occult deceptions.   I have an entire website devoted towards ministry outreach and warnings related to esoteric and  occult bondage and pagan New Age movement deceptions:,   As such, I offer a spiritual warning concerning  Rudolf Steiner.  Please read on...


The collected works of the late Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, Steiner books 2007 (Retrieved from wikipedia, Oct. 8, 2018): 

Steiner was an esotericist, who founded in the early twentieth century,  the occult spiritual movement, anthroposophy.   With roots in German idealist philosophy and theosophy, as well as Goethean science and Rosicrucianism.

Steiner's entrance into other worldly spiritual realms began at the age of nine, when he believed that he saw the spirit of an aunt  who had died in a far-off town asking him to help her at a  time when neither he nor his family knew of the woman's death.  Steiner later related that as a child he felt "that one must carry the  knowledge of the spiritual world within oneself after the fashion of  geometry ... [for here] one is permitted to know something which the  mind alone, through its own power, experiences. In this feeling I found  the justification for the spiritual world that I experienced ... I  confirmed for myself by means of geometry the feeling that I must speak  of a world 'which is not seen'."

Steiner believed that at the age of 15 he had gained a complete  understanding of the concept of time, which he considered to be the  precondition of spiritual clairvoyance.   At 21, on the train between his home village and Vienna,  Steiner met an herb gatherer, Felix Kogutzki, who spoke about the spiritual world "as one who had his own experience therein". Kogutzki conveyed to Steiner a knowledge of nature that was non-academic and spiritual.  

Much like Steiner's beliefs, the New Age Gaia Movement most often also includes, nature and spirit worship links. Please visit our ministry outreach website:, to learn more about such esoteric, occult, spiritual connections, and what God's word confirms about these subject matters.  As for Steiner's concepts of time, an excellent Christian and Bible based opinion can be read in William Lane Craig's 2001 book, Time and Eternity - Exploring God's Relationship to Time.  A remarkable book and work that offers an analytical  exploration into the nature of divine eternity and God's relationship to time.
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